The Setup

How to I change the settings?

What type of settings can I change?

What can't I change?

To change the default prefix the command is !settings prefix [insert]

At this current point in time you can customize guild settings as listed below:

Logs Channel 
> Message Logs 
> Join & Leave Logs

Punishments Channel
> Required to issue punishments.

Reports Channel
> Required to allow users to report.

Custom Voice Channels
> Requires an Admin to own Premium.

Due to how we have setup our backend systems and how to also earn the currency we have prevented usage to customize these:

Guild Coins
> This has been disabled due to the  link in with the new currency system.

> This has been disabled due to the time it would take us to convert every embed to text.


Channel Logs:
!settings logs <#channel>

User Join/Leave Logs:
!settings logsUser <#channel>


Change the prefix:
!settings prefix <new prefix>


Punishments Channel:
!settings punishments <#channel>

User Reports

Reports Channel:
!settings reports <#channel>

Custom Voice Channels

Custom Voice Channels:
!settings voice <#channel>

(TIP: Make sure the channel is the id of a channel section where the voice channels will be displayed)


Sorry but due to how we have our currency systems setup you will not be able to customize your guild currencies.