Recent Updates

The 酒 bot is a unique discord bot which is why we have downtime to implement unique features which the community loves, for that we have recent updates as a page to display to everyone what updates have recently came out to the public.


Web Dashboard

March 4

Alpha Testing

Our web dashboard has finally been released after being put on halt for some time, we believe that having these stats here will be a lot faster than searching for them individually.

Customizing settings for guilds, users etc... is a planned update.

Friends List

February 22


The ability of being able to add and remove friends throughout the entire platform of discord no matter who they are, all you need is their user id or just tag them in the discord and you've sent a friend request.

Site Revamp

February 13

Version 2.0

Today we finally released a new version to the site that we believe has a better user interface and interaction with everyone who uses it which is why we chose to move our version over to 2.0 instead of staying with 1.0

The New Currency System

February 5

The implementation

The new currency system (酒円) was implemented today as an add-on to the new store and profile system which requires a user-based currency instead of a guild-base currency.

Custom Voice Channels

January 10


The ability to make custom voice channels away from the public and add users to be able to join.


Site Release

December 17

The Site Release

Today we have officially released version 1 of our site.

The Start

October 31

The First Stage

Beta 1.0 is officially released to a live server in Tokyo, Japan with the first stages of our bot.